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Angela’s Gold Victorian Chair

31 Jul

Before Photo of the chair: broken in three pieces, dusty, and covered in cat hair.Finished photo of Angela's Gold Victorian Chair

My sister, Angela, had been looking for a little desk chair for her bedroom for a while when, on a visit to my husband’s parents in Oregon, my mother-in-law offered me a broken chair from her set of balloon-back Victorian dining chairs. Yay, free! It was the perfect project for class. Continue reading


Before & After: Amanda’s Victorian Settee

1 Mar


This is the Before & After post for the Victorian settee I reupholstered in the Monrovia Community Adult School Upholstery Class. I described much of the process in three earlier project posts; this post is just the end-of-project wrap-up.

To Recap: I bought a traditional red Victorian settee on Craigslist with the intention of reupholstering it in a funky fabric. I thought it would be a quick job, but once I got it to class and de-upholstered it, we found that it needed a lot of repair and reinforcement.

I’m not a fan of painting wood furniture that’s in good shape, but this one had numerous patched and filled cracks, which a coat of black paint covered nicely. For the fabric, I chose a charcoal gray baroque print from an upholstery store in the downtown Los Angeles Fabric District. It was tricky to work with, and therefore not as much of a bargain as I’d thought, but after much work, under the guidance of our eminently¬†knowledgeable¬†and infinitely patient teacher, Donna, the settee is finished. The photos below show it in class the day I finished it (better lighting) and in its place in my home office. It’s right beneath a sunny window, and makes a wonderful place to sit and read.