Amanda’s Ergonomic Chair

16 Mar


After finishing my Victorian Settee, I wanted a quick, fun project. My desk chair is a kneeling chair I got off craigslist for $15 2 years ago, and the cushions were shot. Simple and square, it was just the project I needed.

image1) I took the chair apart. The seat and knee rest were secured to the frame with 4 Allen screws  each.

2) I pulled the staples for the cambric and the upholstery fabric.

3) I pulled the foam off the wooden boards that were the bases for the seat and knee rest.

4) I used the old fabric as a pattern for the new upholstery fabric. The new fabric is a sturdy-yet-cool atomic/Mid Century Modern pattern I got at nearby Diaz Upholstery Supplies. (See photo below).

5) I used my home machine to stitch the new cushion covers. It was tough going, as the fabric was a little thick for my domestic machine, but as I have yet to master the commercial machines we have at class, it was the best I could do.


image6) I got to use a cool foam-cutting tool to cut the foam I bought at Diaz Upholstery down to fit the seat and knee rest.

7) I used spray adhesive to stick the foam to the seat and knee rest bases.

8) I pulled the new covers over the foam and stapled it in place on the underside of each wooden piece.

9) I covered the bottom of the wooden pieces in black cambric (left over from doing the underside of my settee).

10) I put the seat back together, and was all done. Check out the completed chair in the photos below. 🙂




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